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Hideo Kojima does more than just MGS, y'know!


If you were asked to name somebody who had been involved in the making of the Metal Gear games, I'd be surprised if Hideo Kojima wasn't near (if not at) the top of the list since he was involved in almost every aspect of almost every game since the series' creation back in the '80s. But although Kojima-san is a key figure behind each Metal Gear title, he does occasionally turn his hand to other projects. If you love his work in MGS, you may well be impressed with his other titles, listed below.


Snatcher came out way back in 1988 in Japan for the NEC PC-8801 and the MSX2. It then came out as a CD ROM for the PC Engine and finally, in 1996, hit the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn. America and Europe finally got an English version in 1994 on the Sega CD and Mega-CD.

The game is a cyperpunk adventure with the main protagonist and playable character being a guy called Gillian Seed, and "Metal Gear" is his robotic assistant. Seed must work with his task force, J.U.N.K.E.R., to find out his connection to some newly formed artificial life forms known as Snatchers.


Policenauts was a Sci-Fi action game first released for the PC-9821 in 1994 then the 3DO in 1995, and finally the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1996. It never made it beyond Japanese territory.

You play detective Jonathan Ingram who has to explore a space colony to find out how his ex-wife has been murdered and why her husband has disappeared.

Fans of MGS should note that there is a Policenauts poster in Otacon's lab and the cutscene of Japanese animation is using footage from this game.

And does this young woman look familiar? That's right, Policenauts was also a debut for a certain Meryl Silverburgh too!

Zone of the Enders

Zone of the Enders, and its sequel, The Second Runner, were released for the PlayStation 2 with the former being brought out in March 2001 in anticipation of the release of MGS2. In fact the game sold very well but was also probably one of the most returned because it was often purchased just for its exclusive MGS2 demo disc. Another version, The Fist of Mars, came out for the Game Boy Advance.

Zone of the Enders (or ZOE as it is known) is a mecha combat game and the mechas may look familiar because they've been designed by MGS's own Yoji Shinkawa. The concept has also been made into an anime film (ZOE 2167 IDOLO) and an animated series (ZOE Dolores, i).

MGS references to ZOE can be found within the games, including the ZOE cardboard box in MGS2 which scares seagulls with its "eye" motif, and in MGS3 Director Granin has a model of Jehuty, the main mecha, near his desk which you can observe when prompted.


The Boktai series for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS began in 2003 with debut title, "The Sun is in Your Hand". The word "Boktai" means "Our Sun" in Japanese and the game pak has a photometric light sensor so that you have to play during daylight. Why? Because you play Django who is a vampire hunter! You can still play without natural sunlight but the game is harder since you can't use your main weapon, Gun Del Sol. The game also prompts you to set your time and time zone so that it mimics what time of day you are playing within the game itself. Ah, Kojima, how you love an interactive fourth dimension in your games! Other titles in the series, in order, are "Solar Boy Django", "Sabata's Counterattack" and "Lunar Knights". The third installment was only ever released in Japan.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Whilst always being developed by Konami, the Castlevania series has had no other real connection with Hideo Kojima... until now. The new game, scheduled for release in 2010, is being handled by Kojima Productions, and Kojima himself will have a minor role in its creation. Fans of the series might be interested to know that Psycho Mantis will pick up on this fact if you play MGS with a saved game from Castlevania on your memory card. Whilst illustrating his psychic powers, Mantis will read your memory card and comment on Konami games.