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Where did the inspiration for The Twin Snakes come from?

You want Metal Gear Solid in better graphics than the PlayStation? There were several answers...

Metal Gear Solid... what an undeniably brilliant game, huh? It had much appraisal from everyone. The plot was great, the music and sounds were cool, it could be played over and over without losing its fun and even the graphics were unique and very good for the time and the console. But they could have been better. There was no denying it. So many ideas came up... How to improve the graphics, eh...

The first idea was probably used when the Dreamcast was released. An unauthorised device came out if I remember correctly. It was used to allow Dreamcast owners to play PlayStation games. Sony probably wasn't very happy, but due to the Dreamcast's better graphics, Metal Gear Solid benefitted in this way. But then again, not everyone had a Dreamcast, and understandably, not everyone wanted to play a PlayStation game on another company's console.

Then Konami sold Metal Gear Solid to Microsoft and the PC version was born. People marvelled at the way you could even make out the characters' eyes if your graphics card was good enough! Metal Gear Solid had just improved graphics-wise.

Didn't want the PC version or have a Dreamcast? The PlayStation 2 solved the graphics problem slightly. By putting MGS into a PS2, the jaggies on the game could suddenly be smoothed out if you wanted.

But then the best answer to the graphics problem arose. The Twin Snakes. With a plot almost identical to that of the original Metal Gear Solid, finally Gamecube gamers could benefit from the Metal Gear world. But why bother with this new version if you already have MGS on the PS or PC? Well now you can do all those amazing things that you could do in MGS2 including favourites such as hanging from gantries and shooting in first person... see my full review below!

Review of The Twin Snakes for the Nintendo Gamecube


Many people have been indecisive when it comes to the question of "Should I buy the Twin Snakes?" On the one hand it has amazing new graphics, new moves and music, and some of the cut scenes are just incredible; on the other hand, why go out and buy it (and a Gamecube for some people!) if it has the same old plot and your PlayStation is still in working order?


I faced the same dilemma. But I bought my Gamecube and the Twin Snakes, and for a long time the Twin Snakes was the only game I owned for my GC! Do I regret what I did? No. Would you? Maybe. I don't know -who are you? Anyway, this is a review of mine to explain the good and the bad aspects of the Twin Snakes.

First up, the soundtrack is completely new. Some of the themes may be almost the same as the original MGS, but they've all been remixed and the Twin Snakes generally sounds a lot more like MGS2 than it does MGS1 - not a bad thing really. Although the soundtrack is not avergage - half of it is amazing, namely the cut-scene music and boss battle music - stuff where action's happening to put it simply - and in the Twin Snakes, you'll find that every cut scene is stuffed with action. Unfortunately the in-game music is absolutely terrible. One track in particular which sticks out particularly well is the Blast Furnace. I used to like MGS's background music for when you were sneaking around, but the Twin Snakes has such a dull and annoying "theme" that you'll wish for the old synthesiser sound back! But thankfully, there seems to be more action than dull bits in the Twin Snakes, so a lot of the time you'll be listening to the better half of the soundtrack!

The cut scenes are another thing which the Twin Snakes has "improved". OK, I put that in inverted commas becuase I think it's a matter of opinion. True, some of the cut scenes are now absolutely breathtaking but I find that all of them are just a little bit over the top. Snake jumping off missiles? Liquid cartwheeling on a railing? Snake seems to spend more time in the air than on the ground when it comes to the cut scenes and his abilities appear to be super-human. That takes away the realism of the game and makes the Ninja look less impressive! It's suddenly started being a sci-fi movie just because it's got the looks and the sounds. MGS shouldn't go too far down that road. The original game had some great cut scenes which they shouldn't have altered as much as they did. If you don't mind OTT cut-scenes though, you will be deeply impressed by what the Twin Snakes has to offer.

If this review seems to be rather negative, read on. The Twin Snakes is not a bad game. It is truly amazing. The scripting is particularly good. Most of it is identical to the original, but where it has been altered, it has been altered for the better. The characters have their original voice actors back... except perhaps Mei Ling and Nastasha Romanenko who sound a bit different and Naomi Hunter who has suddenly become very depressive and has no tone to her voice. Other than that, everyone sounds just as great as they used to!

The new moves really enhance the gameplay. Being able to hang off gantries, hide in lockers, collect dog tags and all that just opens up new ways of making your way through the game. The only problem with having all the skills of MGS2 in MGS1 is that in some places it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. For example, just like in MGS2 you can now complete MGS1 without killing anybody - including bosses. But when it comes to a battle like Sniper Wolf's and all you've done is shoot her with a PSG1-T for the past five minutes, it doesn't make a great deal of sense to see her lying on the floor declaring that she's lungshot and to see that there's a load of blood everywhere. For certain things, maybe it's best that you don't use your new abilities. It might wreck the plot a bit too much!

Although there are no VR training levels on the Twin Snakes, the Gamecube version of the PS classic boasts the dog tag viewer and Boss Survival Mode. Just like in the original game you can also watch the game's cut scenes but also fight the bosses again in Boss Survival Mode once you've completed the game, and you can also read about the previous missions. An improved feature is the Briefing. It's now set in a room which you can move around in by switching to different surveillance cameras. Not a big deal, I know, but you can now zoom into any cut scene in the game using the L, R and C buttons.

The Twin Snakes is not a major new game; it is a remake of MGS1. Don't buy the game expecting loads of great new stuff and then get upset when you find the plot hasn't changed and the levels are still pretty much the same. The best way to describe the Twin Snakes is to say that it is MGS1 with the gameplay, graphics and music quality of MGS2. An ideal Metal Gear Solid game really, but unfortunately it's not perfect and certain aspects of the game may bug you... but then again, they might not! The best way to find out is to play it! I hope this review has been helpful!

Twin Snakes trailer segment

Metal Gear Solid is back, and this is what it looks like!


Extra stuff

There is no official Twins Snakes soundtrack as such, but the tracks do exist. Here are a couple to sample:

Main Screen

Rope Escape

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As always you can be sure that Konami will see to it that confused gamers are not left fending for themselves. An official strategy guide is therefore on the market, published by Brady Games, for those who want help with The Twin Snakes (or MGS for that matter!) or just want to make the most out of the game by learning more about it.

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