For all you need to know about the Metal Gear series!

Who is this so-called 'Liquid Snake' here?

Hello! I designed, built and managed the MSN Group "Metal Gear" from August 2000 until Groups' closure in February 2009. I'm now hosting this equivalent site instead! I have always gone by the name "Liquid Snake" because he has been my favourite MGS character since 1999. It often comes as a shock to people that I am actually female. "How can a girl like a game like MGS?" Simple - it's a fantastic game! My real name's Cheryl but when I'm not posing as "Liquid Snake" I like to be called Chezz. MGS has dominated my teens and is still a big part of my life now, despite all the other things which draw my attention!

I decided to combine my love of MGS with my love of the Internet by trying my hand at making a website. I wasn't expecting it to be as successful as it ended up being, and I have made some good friends along the way, most notably Steve, or BBM as he is known. I have also made about a dozen other websites over the years but most of them have all come and gone for one reason or another. Currently I own two other sites, Strahd's Domain, a site about my favourite character from the Ravenloft novels/campaigns, and I've probably lost you already. I must admit that site has a very particular audience! The other site I own, Why Believe In Jesus?, conversely is aimed at all audiences and discusses the Christian faith and what Christians believe and why, a matter most close to my heart. That site and this one have, over the years, received more attention from me than any of my others, hence why they still exist I suppose! I also have my own YouTube channel which draws in another audience again, mainly doctors and medics who love the music of little-known London-based duo, the Amateur Transplants.

If you're still reading, I'm surprised but might as well give you a broad idea of my interests away from MGS. I love other video games too of course; I don't just own the MGS games! Platformers, shooters, sports games etc. are all good fun. I'm quite a creative person, which may manifest itself in this site, but also in the fact I like drawing (particularly cartoons and manga) and making music, though I'm not very good at the latter!

As you may have guessed from WBIJ? I am a Christian, and proud of it, and I find that having a concrete hope for the future makes you appreciate each moment of every day more since you don't have to stress about what will happen tomorrow. I love music, and I blame SingStar for my "obsessive fascination" with Duran Duran now. But again, I do branch out and have an appreciation of most genres of music, except jazz and indie which really don't do it for me. Give me cheesy pop anyday!

Not much else to say really except that I love reading fantasy fiction (particularly Dragonlance) and have some strange obsession (yes, another one) with Dutch footballer Edwin van der Sar. Odd I know. I love being out and about and geocaching (global hi-tech treasure hunting) is really starting to take a hold of my spare time!

The top picture above is of me from sometime in the early 2000s, probably just after MGS3 was announced! The other is a signed photo from Cam Clarke, English voice actor of Liquid Snake. Below is a more recent picture of myself, surrounded by MGS posters.