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This page lists - in alphabetical order - every character that has ever appeared in a Metal Gear game. Very little information is given about them except gender, aliases and what game(s) they appear in, so for more info click the relevant character page at the bottom. How many of these guys do you recognise?

NOTE: A game title in square brackets means that the character appeared as a cameo role or is considered a character even if you have no contact with them. More information given in the footnotes (indicated in yellow). 

WARNING: Spoilers!


A-Z of Metal Gear Characters

  • Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin: (m); "Director Granin"; MGS3
  • Alice Hazel: (f); AC!D 
  • "Anonymous": (m); "Steve Gardner"; GB 
  • Arnolds: [See Bloody Brads]
  • Augustine Eguabon: (m); "The General"; GB 
  • Big Boss: (m); "Saladin"; "Naked Snake", "Snake", "Jack", "John"; MG/MG2/[MGS1]1/MGS3/MPO/MPO+/MGS4
  • Big Mama: [See EVA]; MGS4 
  • Black Arts Viper: (m); "Viper"; GB 
  • Black Colour: (m); ["Black Ninja" in Subsistence edition], See also Schneider; MG2 
  • Bloody Brads: [Robots]; "Arnolds" [in the original version]; MG 
  • The Boss: (f); "The Joy"; MGS3 
  • Brian McBride: (m); GB 
  • Charles Schmeiser: (m); "Emilio"; AC!D 
  • Charlie: (m); MG2 
  • Chinaman: (m); [His character was incorporated into Vamp]; [MGS2]2 
  • Chris Jenner: (f); GB 
  • Cyborg Ninja: (m); See Gray Fox; MGS1 
  • David Oh: [See Major Zero] 
  • Decoy Octopus: (m); "Octopus" [See DARPA Chief]; [MGS1]3 
  • Diane:(f); MG 
  • Dirty Duck: (m); MG 
  • Donald Anderson: (m); "DARPA Chief" [See Sigint]; MGS1 
  • Drago Pettrovich Madnar: (m); "Dr Pettrovich" [in the original game], "Dr Madnar" in Subsistence edition]; MG/MG2 
  • Ellen Madnar: (f); MG 
  • Elsie: (f [doll]); AC!D 
  • Emma Emmerich: (f); "E.E."; MGS2 
  • The End: (m); MGS3 
  • EVA: (f); "Tatyana", "Tanya", [See Big Mama]; MGS3/MPO
  • Fatman: (m); MGS2 
  • The Fear: (m); MGS3 
  • Fire Trooper: (m); MG 
  • Flemming: ([See Willim); AC!D 
  • Fortune: (f); "Helena Dolph-Jackson"; MGS2 
  • Frances: (f [doll]); AC!D 
  • The Fury: (m); MGS3 
  • "The General": [See Augustine Eguabon] 
  • Gary Murray: (m); "William Flemming"; AC!D
  • George Kessler: (m); "George Kasler" [in Subsistence edition]; MG2 
  • Granin: [See Aleksandr Leonovitch Granin]
  • Gray Fox: (m); "Fox", "Frank Jaegar", "Cyborg Ninja", "Ninja", "Deepthroat", "Frank Hunter"; MG/MG2/MGS1/SM
  • Hal Emmerich: (m); "Otacon"; MGS1/MGS2/MGS4 
  • Hans Davis: [See Solid Snake] 
  • Helena Dolph-Jackson: [See Fortune] 
  • Holly White: (f); MG2 
  • Iroquois Pliskin: [See Solid Snake] 
  • Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov: (m); "Major Raikov"; MGS3/MPO
  • James Harks: (m); "Jimmy the Wizard"; GB
  • James Johnson: (m); MGS2 
  • Jennifer: (f); MG 
  • Jim Houseman: (m); MGS1 
  • Jimmy the Wizard: [See James Harks] 
  • Johan Jacobsen: [See Yozef Norden] 
  • Johnny Sasaki: (m); MGS1/[SM]4/[MGS2]5/MGS3 [grandfather of]6/MGS4
  • Kenneth Baker: (m); "President of Armstech"; MGS1 
  • Kio Marv: (m); MG2 
  • Kohal: (f [puppet]); GB
  • Lena: (f); AC!D 
  • Leone: (m); "Leone, The Lion", "Jeff Jones"; AC!D 
  • Liquid Snake: (m); "Liquid", "(Master) McDonell Miller [disguised as]", "Liquid Ocelot"; MGS1/MGS2/MGS4
  • Liquid Ocelot: [See Liquid Snake; Revolver Ocelot]    
  • Machinegun Kid: (m); MG 
  • Major Raikov: [See Ivan Raidenovitch Raikov] 
  • Major Zero: (m); "Major Tom", "David Oh"; MGS3/MPO/MGS4
  • Marionette Owl: (m), "Owl"; GB 
  • McDonell Miller: (m), [See also Liquid Snake]; MG2/MGS1 
  • McBride: [See Brian McBride] 
  • Mei Ling: (f); MGS1/[SM]7/GB/[MGS2]8 
  • Meryl Silverburgh: (f); MGS1/[SM]9/[MGS2]10/MGS4 
  • Minette Donnel: (f); AC!D 
  • Mr X: [See Olga Gurlukovich]; MGS2 
  • Naked Snake: [See Big Boss] 
  • Naomi Hunter: (f); MGS1/[SM]11/MGS4 
  • Nastasha Romanenko: (f); MGS1 
  • Natasha Markova: (f); "Gustava Heffner" [in Subsistence edition]; MG2
  • Night Sight: (m); "Night Fright" [in Subsistence edition]; MG2 
  • Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov: (m); "Director Sokolov"; MGS3/MPO 
  • Ninja: [See Gray Fox; Olga Gurlukovich] 
  • Ocelot: [See Revolver Ocelot] 
  • Old Boy: (m); [His character was incorporated into The End]; [MGS2]12 
  • Olga Gurlukovich: (f); "Mr X"; MGS2/MGS4 
  • Osan: (f [puppet]); GB
  • Otacon: [See Hal Emmerich] 
  • The Pain: (m); MGS3 
  • Para-medic: (f); "Dr Clark"; MGS3/MPO 
  • Parker: (m); GB 
  • Peter Stillman: (m); MGS2 
  • Predator: (m); "Jungle Evil" [in Subsistence edition]; MG2 
  • Psycho Mantis: (m); "Mantis"; MGS1/MGS4 
  • Pyro Bison: (m); "Bison"; GB 
  • Raiden: (m), "Snake", "Jack"; MGS2/MPO+/MGS4 
  • Red Blaster: (m); MG2 
  • Revolver Ocelot: (m), "Ocelot", "General Ivan", "Shalashaska", "Crazy Ivan", "Major Ocelot", "ADAM", "Adamska", "Liquid Ocelot"; MGS1/MGS2/MGS3/MPO/MPO+/MGS4
  • Richard Ames: (m); MGS2 
  • Roger McCoy: (m); AC!D 
  • Rosemary: (f); "Rose"; MGS2/MGS4 
  • Roy Campbell: (m); MG2/MGS1/GB/MGS2/[MGS3]13/MPO/MPO+/MGS4 
  • Running Man: (m); MG2 
  • Schneider: (m); "Kyle Schneider", See also "Black Colour"; MG 
  • Scott Dolph: (m); "The Commandant"; MGS2 
  • Sergei Gurlukovich: (m); MGS2 
  • Shoot Gunner: (m); "Shotmaker" [in Subsistence edition]; MG 
  • Sigint: (m); [See Donald Anderson]; MGS3/MPO 
  • Slasher Hawk: (m); "Hawk"; GB 
  • Snake: [See Solid Snake; Big Boss; Raiden] 
  • Sniper Wolf: (f); "Wolf"; MGS1 
  • Sokolov: [See Nikolai Stepanovich Sokolov] 
  • Solid Snake: (m); "Snake", "David", "Iroquois Pliskin", "Old Snake", "Hans Davis"; MG/SR/MG2/MGS1/SM/GB/MGS2/AC!D/AC!D2/[MGS3]14/MGS4
  • Solidus Snake: (m); "Solidus", "George Sears", "King"; MGS2
  • Sophie N'Dram: (f); GB  
  • The Sorrow: (m); MGS3 
  • Sunny Gurlukovich: (f); MGS4 
  • Tatyana: [See EVA]
  • Teliko Friedman: (f); "Swallowtail"; AC!D 
  • Vamp: (m); MGS2/MGS4 
  • Viggo Hach: (m); "Senator Hach"; AC!D 
  • Volgin: [See Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin]
  • Vulcan Raven: (m); "Raven", MGS1/[MGS2]15
  • Weasel: (m); "Rheaunalt Lensenbrink", "Ronald Lensenbrink"; GB
  • William Flemming: [See Gary Murray] 
  • Yevgeny Borisovitch Volgin: (m); "Colonel Volgin", "Thunderbolt"; MGS3
  • Yozef Norden: (m); "Johan Jacobsen" [in Subsistence edition]; MG2 
  • Zero: [See Major Zero]


  1. Big Boss does not appear in MGS1 but he is generally regarded as a character in character lists. He is the source of Liquid Snake's demands and ultimately the reason for the mission.
  2. The Chinaman was killed six months before the Big Shell incident. He was originally going to be a character whom Raiden would fight underwater in place of Vamp. Many of his characteristics including the ability to run up walls were instead incorporated into Vamp's character.
  3. Decoy Octopus is a character you meet in MGS1 without realising it. He is disguised when you meet him and so you never see him in his true colours.
  4. Johnny Sasaki is one of the line up in one of the Mystery missions in Special Missions.
  5. Johnny Sasaki is not properly encountered in MGS2. He is in the toilet of Shell 1 Core B1 and you can listen in to his soliloquy about his health problems with your directional microphone when you should be listening to Ocelot and Solidus. He is also on the Oil Fence when Emma is making her way to Shell 1.
  6. Johnny Sasaki in MGS3 is a different character. He is the grandfather to the Johnny we see in the other games, and it turns out that every generation has a Johnny. He too has a weak stomach.
  7. Mei Ling is a bonus photographable character in Special Missions.
  8. Mei Ling can be heard on the Codec if you call Otacon and save enough times on the Tanker. Otacon's interpretations of proverbs become more and more unbelieveable until Mei Ling finally steps in. 
  9. Meryl Silverburgh must be protected in one of the Variety missions where a Genola monster will step on her if Snake does not take it out first.
  10. Meryl Silverburgh features in one of the Snake Tales, Confidential Legacy, in MGS2: Substance.
  11. Naomi Hunter is a photographable character in Special Missions.
  12. Old Boy was supposedly killed six months prior to the Big Shell incident. He was written out of the plot but his appearance and age were incorporated into The End in MGS3.
  13. Roy Campbell is seen at the very end of MGS3 as Naked Snake is awarded the title of Big Boss. He also makes contact with Solid Snake informing him of escaped monkeys in the Snake vs Monkey mini-games. You also hear Campbell's voice when you fail your mission and create a "time paradox".
  14. Solid Snake is not realistically a character of MGS3 since he was born eight years after the events occured. However you do play as him for the Snake vs Monkey mini games.
  15. Vulcan Raven is not in MGS2 but Snake believes that he is on the Tanker when he sees his shadow on the wall. The shadow is in fact caused by a statuette, which is later seen again on the Big Shell.

I have not included the Metal Gear robots as characters, nor even the Hind D, which surprisingly comes up on the cast list at the end of Metal Gear 2! To be fair each game does seem to have a helicopter in it somewhere!

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