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Here are a few things for you to download which will enhance your Metal Gear experience, including fonts for you to use on your computer, an emulator and games to play the original classics from the '80s and an animated clock for your desktop!

Metal Gear fonts!

Like the typefaces you see in the Metal Gear Solid games? Well now, courtesy of TheBurntBreadMan, you can type in the Metal Gear Solid fonts yourself on your own computer. Below is a list of available fonts and an example of what they look like! Installation instructions below.

METAL GEAR REX (Font used in the original MGS1, Special Missions and Ghost Babel logos)

METAL GEAR RAY (Font used in MGS2, MGS3, Twin Snakes, AC!Ds, Portable Ops etc. logo)

METAL GEAR GEKKO (Font used in the MGS4 logo)

ESPIONAGE (Font used for subtitle of MGS1 logo "Tactical Espionage Action")

MGS2 MENU (Font used throughout MGS2, seen primarily on the Nodes)

MGS4 BRUSH (Japanese style font used within MGS4)

And also why not have some PlayStation fonts?

ZRNIC (Font used in PlayStation logo)

MINIMAL HARD (Font used in PS2 logo)

How to install a font:

  1. Click on the font name above which you want to have.
  2. A box should come up asking you whether you want to open the file or save it.
  3. Select save.
  4. You need to save the file in your Fonts folder. This will normally be found under My Computer > C: Drive > WINDOWS > Fonts.
  5. Once you've saved the font file, open a programme such as Microsoft Word and search for your new font on the list. It should be under the name used above.
  6. Select it and have a play around with it!

An emulator for the original games!

If you want to play the original pair of games, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, both of which were initially released on the MSX2, then I highly recommend that you buy MGS3: Subsistence and play them on the Persistence disc. However, the original game was also released for the NES and was considerably different to play compared to its MSX2 cousin. Also, prior to the release of the official sequel to Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, a different, unofficial, sequel was made called Snake's Revenge. This game was only released for the NES, and not in Japan. Playing either the NES version of MG or Snake's Revenge is quite an achievement these days since the console and games are hard to find, so here is an awesome emulator for your computer, plus both games, so you can play them to your heart's content without any new hardware or software!

NES Emulator --- Metal Gear game --- Snake's Revenge game


  1. Download the emulator (if you don't already have one). If for whatever reason this one doesn't work, you can find them all over the net.
  2. Download the game(s) you want to play.
  3. Open the emulator program.
  4. Drag the file name of the game into the blank game window.
  5. It should then load up.

The OtaClock!

Remember that funny little Otacon sprite on the terminal in Hold No. 3 of the Discovery tanker in MGS2? There's never been anything quite like it in a Metal Gear game but now you can have your very own on your computer! The "OtaClock" was made as a time-telling replica of the Otacon sprite, and has the following bonus features:

  • Settable Alarm with two sounds (or choose your own)
  • Two modes of time telling (standard or military)
  • Able to change its size from minuscule to enormous!
  • Gives date and day
  • Otacon's eyes follow your cursor!

Get the OtaClock here: