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Very few Metal Gear songs actually have lyrics, but for each game there always seems to be a major song with words, which is second only to the famous 'Metal Gear Solid Main Theme' (in whatever arrangement!).

The lyrics of recognisable songs from MGS1, 2, 3, 4 and Portable Ops are shown below. I did not write or translate any of them - Konami and its chosen songwriters, singers and composers have my admiration for the fine work they have produced! Below is a picture of Rika Muranaka, Konami's writer and producer for these Metal Gear masterpieces:





The first song I have chosen is Metal Gear Solid's 'The Best is Yet to Come', written and produced by Rika Muranaka. The lead vocal is Aoife Ni Fhearraigh. This song can be found on any of the three MGS soundtracks. This song is, in my opinion, beautiful... even though it reminds me of Liquid Snake's 'death'. The whole song is in Irish Gaelic, but the English translation of the words is given below.



The second song is MGS2's 'Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday'. Rika Muranaka was once again behind this song's lyrics and production but it is entirely in English, sung by the late Carla White. This song can be found on the Metal Gear Solid 2 Original Soundtrack (but not on The Other Side). In my opinion, it's too long, slow and jazzy, but then everyone's taste in music is different!


The third song is MGS3's 'Snake Eater' by Cynthia Harrell. It features prominently on the Metal Gear Solid 3 Original Soundtrack and was also released as a single in Japan complete with Japanese and intrumental versions for those who truly want the karaoke experience! A version which is twice the length, called 'Abstracted Camouflage' was released on the promotional media disc, First Bite. This song has grown on me and it has a very slight James Bond feel. There appears to be more than one version of this song's lyrics so I've put two different versions up. Also check out the far less serious 'Cake Eater' lyrics by yours truly and BBM here.



Another track from MGS3, 'Don't Be Afraid' is one of the game's 'Healing Tracks' under the Codec frequency of 141.85. It's also played in one of the last cut scenes. It's sung by Elisa Fiorillo. My criticism of this track is it's as slow and jazzy as Can't Say Goodbye To Yesterday, which is fantastic if you love that kind of music, and a chore to listen to if you don't!

Song #5 - WAY TO FALL


The third track in MGS3 with lyrics is 'Way To Fall' which is played in the ending credits, and is not available on the standard MGS3 Original Soundtrack. It is performed by Starsailor, with the lead vocal being James Walsh.



 This is the beautiful vocal song of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. It was composed by Akihiro Honda and performed by Natasha Farrow. Lyrics were written by Nobuko Toda.

Song #7 - LOVE THEME


MGS4: Guns of the Patriots has two songs with lyrics and this is the first. Hideo Kojima himself wrote the lyrics for the song, and then had them translated into Hebrew. Music was composed by Nobuko Toda and the song was sung by Jackie Presti.



This song is also from MGS4 and is played in the credits. The music was written by the famous Italian composer, Ennio Morricone and the lyrics were written and sung by Joan Baez for the film Sacco E Vanzetti. Harry Gregson-Williams took this song for MGS4 and rearranged it with new vocals by Lisbeth Scott.

So now it's time to sing along!

So now you've seen all the songs in the Metal Gear series which have lyrics. Now all you need is the lyrics. Well whaduyuno - here they all are for you to print or whatever: LYRICS FOR ALL SONGS.