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Going back to where it all began with Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater!

All Metal Gear Solid fans and PlayStation 2 owners should take note of this remarkable game: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Created after MGS2 but set before MGS1, MGS3 is therefore to be deemed a "prequel". Despite creator Hideo Kojima saying he would no longer be the director of any MGS games, he ate his words and made us hungry for some more snake!

MGS3's codename, Snake Eater, is in fact an acronym:

Soldier support is the #1 priority.
Never say, "It can't be done".
Accept risk, and allow soldiers to make mistakes.
Know your soldiers' problems.
Exact high standards and lead by example.

Earn your keep - use initiative.
Acknowledge good deeds publicly; discipline privately.
Training is not only everything - it is the only thing.
Encourage employer and family interest and involvement.
Respect all soldiers, regardless of their rank.

To sum up Snake Eater's storyline in brief, it's 1964 and you play the role of a soldier codenamed Naked Snake whose mission it is to locate and bring back a scientist named Director Sokolov who's being held in the heart of a Russian jungle. However, Sokolov has much to say on the topic of a new nuclear-equipped tank which has the potential to cause worldwide destruction. Snake has to put an end to this threat before it's too late and the weapon is fired.


With very similar gameplay to the other Metal Gear Solid games, MGS3 takes gaming to yet another breath-taking level of realism. Players of MGS2 will know all about the importance of using your surroundings to your advantage and MGS3 takes this further - camouflage is required for successful sneaking and you must change your outfit and facepaint so that you blend in like a human chameleon. You start your mission with practically nothing and have to pick up all weapons and items on location. So? What's new about that? Food is not packaged and ready-made. Rations aren't lying strewn on the grounds of a forest floor but you need to eat or you'll die. The answer? You have to catch your own food! Cut up plants and shoot down animals so you have a supply of food to keep your stamina up. If you get injured you have to apply bandages, splints, disinfectants, antidotes, ointments etc. There's no radar but you have other nifty litte gadgets which enable you to observe your surroundings and a whole host of new weapons and items at your disposal!


The characters in MGS3 are stunning. You have a fair amount of allies but quite a number of enemies too. Since the game is set 41 years before MGS1, very few characters are recognisable, although there is something oddly familiar about our serpentine hero, Naked Snake, and MGS series fans will certainly recognise "Major Ocelot"!

Snake Eater trailer

Sorry, no snakes were eaten in the making of this trailer: