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MGS3 went back to basics with Subsistence

You've come to expect rereleases by now, surely? It started when MGS2: Sons of Liberty was rereleased with bonus features (but with the entire SOL game included) as Substance. MGS1 had a makeover and came out again as The Twin Snakes on the Gamecube and most recently Portable Ops has come out as Portable Ops +. So when MGS3: Snake Eater was rereleased along the same vein as Substance, entitled "Subsistence", it surely wasn't too much of a surprise? But what's new, and what makes this game worth owning when you already have Snake Eater?

Subsistence is divided into three discs entitled "Subsistence", "Persistence" and "Existence". More detail is given about all these below. Also note that an official Subsistence strategy guide is in, shall we say, Existence?

Disc one: Subsistence


The Subsistence disc contains the entire "Snake Eater" game which had been released previously, so no need to buy MGS3:Snake Eater if you don't already own it! It also enables you to make a link with Metal Gear AC!D2 on the PlayStation Portable if you own that game too. Using the 3D "Solid Eye" that comes with AC!D2 you can view MGS3 scenes on your PSP with stunning 3D visuals!

Disc two: Persistence

Persistence is the disc you'll want if online gaming is your thing. Snake Eater had made use of net features (for downloading camouflage and facepaints) but this was the first MGS game to have proper online play. This feature no longer works, however, since the servers are no longer running for MGS3. But that doesn't mean this disc is now useless; you can still indulge in a bit of "Snake vs Monkey", a humourous mini-game where Snake has to track down monkeys, stun and then capture them. Anyone familiar with the Ape Escape games will recognise these critters! The third feature of this disc is that you can play all the way through both the original games, released prior to MGS1, Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Now it doesn't matter if you haven't got a working MSX2 - Konami has brought you the original games to fill in your knowledge! Finally you will also find the Secret Theatre on this disc - this is where you can watch comedy "cutscenes" made by the Konami staff for their own amusement, including one where Raiden tries to make sure he's the protagonist in the MGS series by eliminating Big Boss, which of course fails due to a combination of time paradoxes and Volgin mistaking him for Major Raikov.

Disc three: Existence

The third disc, Existence, is a dramatisation of the MGS3 plot. It's not a game and so you won't be needing to do any quick thinking, or to use your controller at all really. The Metal Gear games have been praised for their cinematic cut scenes and so the boys at Konami have responded to this by making MGS3 into a film of sorts so you can sit back and enjoy the storyline as if it were a movie. Existence also includes a MGS4 trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2005.

Watch a trailer!

Here's a Subsistence trailer for you to enjoy: