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Raiden's back!

A controversial character to say the least, many people were not happy to find out that Raiden replaced Solid Snake as main character not long into MGS2, but now the young soldier has a game all of his own, Metal Gear Solid: Rising!

Little is known about this upcoming Kojima title at present except that it will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Kojima-san has said that it will be created by "up and coming young blood" at Kojima Productions, so expect to see some new names in the credits!

MGS: Rising is the "next series of Metal Gear" for the best consoles out there. This suggests to me that the crowd favourite, Solid Snake, is gradually being phased out and that Raiden will be the star of the next few Metal Gear games (for surely this won't be the only one!). Similarly Big Boss cannot be a playable character in too many more new games because of limited scope (although I personally hope for a stunning remake of MG1 and 2 at some point). Whatever happens though, the future looks bright for Metal Gear fans.

MGS: Rising Trailer

Check out the latest trailer from E3. Very little has been revealed so far...