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Ocelot and his dealings with the Snake family


The entire Metal Gear Solid series features one returning character more than anyone else, and that's Ocelot. You never play as him, except in online modes, and he is never your ally, but then it is questionable as to who can actually trust Ocelot at all! Unlike anyone else in the series, Ocelot has been able to see the Snake family come and go and has carefully followed their family politics with interest. His attitudes towards each member vary and his loyalties are divided, but here is a nice little guide to one of the series' most popular characters, and all the Snakes he encounters!

Ocelot - a brief history

We first laid eyes on Ocelot in the original Metal Gear Solid when he appeared behind the hostage, President Baker, introducing himself as FOX-HOUND member Revolver Ocelot. He was henceforth characterised as a Wild West fanatic whose favourite weapon was the revolver Colt Single Action Army, and who was something of an expert in torturous interrogations. By the end of the game, he was the only member of FOX-HOUND still alive. It wasn't too much of a surprise therefore to see his familiar (but ever so slightly older) face as he peered through a pair of binoculars in a Russian kasatka helicopter during the opening scenes of MGS2. Hardly a young man, Ocelot could be realistically written into the next in the series, MGS3, even though it was set in 1964. This time a clean-shaven, young-faced Major Ocelot appeared in the opening Virtuous Mission and proceeded to crop up as often as possible with what seemed to be more and more guns on him! He also made an appearance in MGS3's sequel, Portable Ops, before showing his face again, this time very aged, on the PS3 for MGS4: Guns of the Patiots as your archenemy, Liquid Ocelot. I will most surprised if he doesn't make an appearance in Portable Ops' sequel, Peace Walker!

Ocelot's aliases:

  • Shalashaska - Ocelot reveals in MGS1 that formerly he was "known and feared as Shalashaska" and he again uses this name in MGS2 when he introduces himself on the Tanker.
  • (General/Crazy) Ivan - Vulcan Raven refers to Ocelot as "General Ivan" in MGS1 and Vamp calls him "Crazy Ivan" in MGS2.
  • Adamska (ADAM) - This is revealed to be Ocelot's real name at the end of MGS3.

Major Ocelot and Naked Snake

Naked Snake is the character you play as throughout MGS3: Snake Eater. He is a spitting image of former playable character, Solid Snake, and from that fact and that the game is a prequel, we can correctly assume that this character is going to be Solid Snake's father. Snake's archenemy in the game is ambiguous, although it could be considered to be The Boss (whom Naked Snake is a closest match to), Colonel Volgin (who is threatening to make nuclear war with the Shagohod) or Major Ocelot (who is the most persistent enemy). Indeed wherever Snake goes, Ocelot is never far away. He first encounters Ocelot in Rassvet during the Virtuous Mission upon rescuing Director Sokolov. Ocelot is still a young warrior and, although talented, still inexperienced. Upon making a fool of himself in front of Snake by jamming a bullet in his automatic, Naked Snake reflects upon his technique and suggests that Ocelot would be better off with a revolver. This is a huge moment in Ocelot's life since he clearly took this suggestion to heart, encountering Snake a week later, again in Rassvet, during Operation Snake Eater but this time armed with a vintage revolver. Still unfamiliar with it though, he made a fool of himself again and lost count of how many shots his stylish new silver gun could hold. Snake had come to Rassvet on this occassion to meet up with someone called "ADAM" but no such person seemed to be there; however, an "EVA" was and she claimed to have been sent instead. EVA and Ocelot clashed and it ended with Ocelot having a grubby tyre mark from EVA's motorbike imprinted on his forehead. Once again Ocelot was shamed and ridiculed, but the tables turned when Snake collided with Ocelot again in Bolshaya Past Crevice. Now more familiar with his weapons, Ocelot was content to spin and juggle with two black revolvers and fight Snake in a somewhat friendly duel with his "Ocelot Unit" looking on. The battle came to an abrupt end when The Pain's hornets invaded and Ocelot made a break for it. But time and time again we see him in the game, often with Volgin and The Boss.

Another life-altering moment came for him when the sadistic Colonel Volgin captured and tied up Naked Snake, subjecting him to some serious torture in the form of a combination of heavy punching and high-voltage electric shocks. Ocelot watched with fascination and admitted to Snake afterwards that it had made an impact on him, saying "Watching this has made me realize something. It's really not that bad. It's the ultimate form of expression". Again, from that day forth torture was a serious pursuit of Ocelot's and little did he know at the time that all of Naked Snake's sons would know of this penchant.

Another life-changing moment, but this time for Naked Snake, came at about the same time. Ocelot, who had been perfecting a little three-gun juggling act loading one bullet into one of the guns and then pulling the trigger six times (a bizarre form of Russian roulette) almost cost EVA her life twice but Snake intervened the second time and lost an eye in his attempt to protect EVA. I guess Ocelot should have listened when Volgin said: [CLICK HERE]. As a young Major under Colonel Volgin, Ocelot should really have shown more respect to his superior, but they had their clashes and Ocelot, with a growing respect for Naked Snake, was reluctant to kill him when Colonel Volgin insisted. But then, who can take seriously a man who says: [CLICK HERE]? (By the way, the picture on the left is of my Ocelot Sim juggling bottles).

Finally, as Snake pulls away from the whole mission with EVA in the WIG, it looks like Snake is clear of all danger. All the Cobra Unit have been killed off, as has Colonel Volgin. But no, zipping along on a flying platform comes Major Ocelot, desperate to confront Naked Snake once more. The two fight brutally in the back of the plane before exchanging names and other pleasantries. With a satisfied smirk, Ocelot bravely jumps out of the plane with a simple "Until we meet again, John". Snake returns the smile.

Amazingly this is not the last time we can see Ocelot in the game. In the final cutscene as Naked Snake is being honoured with the title of Big Boss, if you press R1 during the handshake and look to the left hand side of the window, you'll see Ocelot making his trademark hand gesture.

Naked Snake also meets Ocelot again in Portable Ops and after that we don't know if the two ever had the pleasure of meeting and fighting each other again. Both Naked Snake and Major Ocelot developed because of their encounters, however, and a strange but platonic love-hate relationship was born.

Naked Snake's aliases:

  • Jack - The Boss refers to Snake as this, as a term of endearment. The two were very close.
  • John - In the WIG Snake gives this as his real name to Ocelot when prompted.
  • Big Boss - Snake is officially honoured with this codename upon completing Operation Snake Eater.
  • Saladin - Sniper Wolf refers to Big Boss in this way in MGS1.
  • "The Greatest Soldier of the Twentieth Century"/"The Legendary Soldier" - These terms were later applied to Big Boss following his death in Zanzibar Land in 1999.

Revolver Ocelot and Liquid Snake

There is a period of time where we know very little of Ocelot's activites, and certainly are not witnesses to them, but sometime between Solid Snake's leaving FOX-HOUND in 1999 and the Shadow Moses incident of 2005, Ocelot joined the New FOX-HOUND of Next Generation Special Forces. Ocelot, now with a prefixed codename of "Revolver" was one of six to be part of an uprising in FOX-HOUND and, for the first time, was closely associated with one of the clone sons of Big Boss, a man named Liquid Snake. Liquid stirred up trouble for the American government demanding that they hand over Big Boss' remains so that his DNA could be extracted and more super warriors could be created. Alarmed by such a proposal, the White House resisted but Liquid and his fellow terrorists seized control of a remote island in Alaska's Bering Sea, Shadow Moses Island, and took it over, along with the secret nuclear weapon being developed there, Metal Gear REX. Armed and ready to fight the government, Liquid and his comrades needed stopping.

Amongst his support were other FOX-HOUND members Vulcan Raven, a huge Alaskan-Inuit shaman with incredible strength and endurance; Psycho Mantis, an enigmatic Russian with the strange ability to read minds and move physical objects with the power of his mind; Decoy Octopus, a Mexican with the power of disguise, down to the blood; Sniper Wolf, a Kurdish woman who had phenomenal talent with a sniper rifle, and of course Revolver Ocelot, the group's sharpshooter and interrogation specialist. Liquid Snake himself was a master of many trades, but also the leader and mastermind behind the terrorist attack.

It wasn't long before legendary Solid Snake was hauled out of retirement and thrown back onto the battlefield by old friend Colonel Roy Campbell. Snake was briefed about the terrorists' plans but it was not until he reached Shadow Moses Island that he saw with his own eyes what he was up against, including Metal Gear. Meeting Liquid Snake also was something of a shock to him since, unlike Liquid, he was unaware that he had a twin. Liquid Snake's venom towards Snake was fueled by the fact that Solid Snake had killed Big Boss six years previously, a feat Liquid bitterly wished he'd done himself. Liquid was also resentful of the fact that Big Boss (at an unspecified time) had told him that he was the inferior one of the two, just someone into whom all the recessive genes could be allocated. This however was a lie intended to stir up frustration and resentment in Liquid, and somehow Ocelot knew this. Ocelot's knowledge of the Snake family somehow went very deep, much deeper than any of the Snakes ever knew and throughout the mission on Shadow Moses, Ocelot was in contact with the President, playing a role as a double agent. Meanwhile Ocelot appeared to be Liquid Snake's right hand man and though the two of them discussed their plans for world domination together, Ocelot managed to fall foul of Liquid when he got carried away with his interrogation of the password holder Donald Anderson and accidentally ended up torturing him to death.

Liquid Snake pursued his brother throughout his mission and attacked time and time again but neither were killed. They laid eyes on each other for the first time in over thirty years when Sniper Wolf captured Solid Snake and brought him to Revolver Ocelot and Liquid Snake. Bound to Ocelot's precious torture machine, Liquid Snake sarcastically greeted Solid Snake as he regained consciousness and introduced himself as his twin. Although the two were completely identical, it took quite a while for the fact that Snake might actually have a twin to sink in. Liquid Snake was called away from Snake by a phonecall from Vulcan Raven and Sniper Wolf left also, leaving Ocelot with his helpless prey.

But the Solid and the Liquid came up against each other not long after Snake escaped from Ocelot's clutches during a break in the torture. Atop the island's Communications Towers, Liquid blocked Snake's path as he emerged in his Hind D gunship and destroyed the walkway. He then proceeded to fire at Snake as he repelled down the side of the first tower and then the two did battle from the top of the second tower with Liquid's helicopter against Snake and a Stinger missile launcher. Snake ruined the helicopter and it plummeted out of the sky, landing in flames which reached the top of the tower where Snake stood confident that his brother was dead. But on reaching the bottom of the tower Snake saw a parachute and his fears that Liquid was still alive were confirmed when he spied Liquid and Ocelot conversing in Metal Gear's control room.

Ocelot caught Snake spying on them and shot at him, causing Snake to drop his PAL key which would override the detonation codes the terrorists had entered and stop the nuclear launch. Snake went back to retrieve the key and entered it into the terminal when the coast was clear but something was wrong. Upon completing the override, a voice announced that Metal Gear was ready for launch and old friend Master Miller called Snake up on his Codec to thank him. Bewildered, and still very slow, Snake failed to recognise at first that this man posing as Master Miller was not who he said he was. In fact he was none other than Liquid Snake! As Liquid gleefully revealed to Snake, he had been using him from the start to acquire the PAL key and use it to start the launch, believing that the terrorists had already entered both the activation codes. However, they only managed to obtain one because Mantis was unable to read the minds of both Anderson and Baker and Ocelot had been left to torture it out of them instead. He succeeded with Baker, but not so with Anderson and so the terrorists' plan was in jeopardy. But now Snake had unintentionally done it for them.

Liquid and Snake came face to face once more and Liquid bragged of his plans for world domination before leaping into Metal Gear REX's cockpit and fighting Snake in a very unmatched battle. Somehow though Snake's Stingers, and a bit of help from Snake's old friend Gray Fox managed to destroy REX and Liquid was left to fight his brother once more in a classic hand to hand battle, which he chose to host on top of the ruined Metal Gear. Snake regained consciousness again to find himself bound and deprived of his items, but this time Liquid just wanted an excuse to punch and kick his twin until he lay dead at his feet. His wish never came true. Snake once again defeated Liquid and as he plummeted from REX, Snake felt it safe to believe that Liquid was well and truly dead. Only on leaving the base did he realize he'd once again underestimated his opponent as Liquid came up behind Snake's jeep in a jeep of his own, sporting a FA-MAS rifle and still determined to end his brother's life. Ultimately their jeeps collided and Liquid collapsed to the ground, dead. But amazingly this wasn't the end, as Ocelot well knows...

Liquid Snake's aliases:

  • Master Miller - Liquid adopts the persona of Snake's old survival teacher, Master McDonnell Miller in order to manipulate Snake in MGS1
  • Liquid Ocelot - What the combined identity of Liquid Snake and Revolver Ocelot is called in MGS4
  • Unlike the other Snakes, Liquid claims not to have a real name

Revolver Ocelot and Solid Snake

Throughout most of the Metal Gear series, the playable character is Solid Snake, right from the original MSX2 game to MGS4. The exceptions are MGS3 where you play as Naked Snake and most of MGS2 where you play as Raiden. Solid Snake is a highly-skilled mercenary and one of the clone sons of Big Boss, something he wasn't aware of (despite the shocking similarity in appearance) until Big Boss informed him in 1999 during the Zanzibar Riot that he was his father (although I don't remember him mentioning this rather important fact whilst I was playing MG2). That was just the tip of the iceberg however, and six years later on Shadow Moses Island, the more clued-up Liquid Snake had to fill in the extra details of the reason for their birth and their upbringing. The twins were born in 1972 as the result of the "Les Enfants Terribles" project to create from Big Boss' DNA more naturally talented soldiers, and Liquid was falsely led to believe that Solid Snake was the one to whom all the dominant genes were given. To increase tension between the two, Solid and Liquid Snake were not raised together but brought up completely isolated from one another, ignorant of the other's existence. Solid Snake remained in America and Liquid moved to the UK.

Solid Snake took on his father in both Outer Heaven and Zanzibar Land, and eventually killed him, despite having been informed by him that they were family. Having lost his father and close friend Gray Fox in battle, Snake needed some time to himself and retired from FOX-HOUND and kept away from life's stresses living in the wilderness of Alaksa, looking after huskies as if they were his family. Come early 2005, Snake was hauled reluctantly out of retirement to sort out six terrorists threatening the White House with a nuclear weapon. Amongst these terrorists were his twin brother, Liquid Snake, and Revolver Ocelot, a man already well-acquainted with Snake's family.

Not long after infiltrating the island and locating the two hostages Donald Anderson and Kenneth Baker did Snake run into a member of FOX-HOUND, namely Revolver Ocelot. This was the first time the two had met in person and for Ocelot it was something of another name to tick off the list of Snakes. The two did battle, running around the hostage Kenneth Baker whilst firing at one another. Ocelot enjoyed the fight and congratulated Snake on being worthy of "the same codename as the boss". Ocelot just couldn't resist comparing the Snakes with one another whenever he got the chance. The battle ended badly for Ocelot though, but not because of Snake's doing. About to take a well-aimed shot at Solid Snake after a quick breather, a mysterious Cyborg Ninja sprung out of nowhere and sliced Ocelot's right hand clean off, gun and all. Horrified but surprisingly well-composed, Ocelot scooped up the detached hand, and with anger and resentment he left the Ninja and Snake to fight between themselves.

Snake was confused by the fact that the Ninja seemed to know him and wanted to fight with him for no apparent reason. The two did battle again later which is when Snake recognised the Ninja as his old friend Gray Fox, not dead as he suspected, but rather being kept alive by huge quantities of drugs so that genetic experiments could be carried out on him. Eventually Fox died for good while he was helping Snake destroy the terrorists' nuclear weapon, Metal Gear REX.

Prior to Gray Fox's death however, Snake had a run in with Revolver Ocelot again, as he had threateningly promised after their earlier gunfight. However Snake was not to fight Ocelot in a fair battle again. Instead, he was brought to Ocelot - and Liquid Snake - unconscious by Sniper Wolf following their duel. Snake slowly regained consciousness to find himself bound tightly to a strange device of Ocelot's with Liquid, Ocelot and Wolf standing around him. When Liquid and Wolf had been called away, Snake was left alone at the complete mercy of the vengeful Ocelot. Now with a bandage on his right stump, and still nursing his bruised pride, Ocelot had the task of extracting information from Snake what he knew of the terrorists' plans and how to stop the launch. Ocelot didn't seem to care much for information from Snake however, and was not particularly dismayed when Snake seemed ignorant of most issues. Ocelot just wanted an excuse to cause Snake as much pain as possible, and he delighted in inflicting electric shocks on Snake's battered body. Ocelot knew that Liquid Snake would not be happy if Snake died just yet and so he had to be careful not to hurt Snake too much. He also gave him the option of submitting if the pain became too much for him, but with the consequence that he would kill Meryl, a young woman also on the island whom Snake had fallen for. Snake held out and managed to escape from his cell before Ocelot called him back for more torture and the two did not meet again until Snake spied Ocelot and Liquid in Metal Gear's control room, but they didn't fight again during the Shadow Moses incident.

Two years later, however, Snake was working with a man named Hal Emmerich, better known as Otacon, in an anti-Metal Gear group called "Philanthropy". Snake and Otacon had first met on Shadow Moses Island since he was the developer of Metal Gear REX and could provide information for Snake on how to destroy it. Horrified by the fact that his defensive weapon was being used offensively to launch nuclear warheads, Otacon joined forces with Snake to help him destroy the weapon. Otacon's boss, Kenneth Baker, had also entrusted Snake with key information about Metal Gear in the form of an optic disc which needed to be kept safe. Unfortunately, when Snake was captured, Ocelot stole the disc and sold its data the Black Market after the Shadow Moses incident. Ocelot was ultimately responsible for Metal Gears cropping up all over the world and in order to overpower all these threats, a Metal Gear to end all Metal Gears was created by the Marines, codenamed RAY. When Snake and Otacon got wind of what Ocelot had done they planned to get more information on this secret Metal Gear RAY in the form of photographic evidence. In 2007 Snake infiltrated the Marines' tanker which was transporting RAY along the Hudson River in New York and got the photos Otacon required to expose this weapon.

Never far away from Metal Gear or the Snakes, Ocelot made a surprise appearance on the Tanker and alarmed the Marine commander, Scott Dolph before killing him. He also turned against his supposedly Russian comrades, being led by Colonel Sergei Gurlukovich, and killed him too, declaring that he wasn't interested in reviving Mother Russia's power but only wanted to take Metal Gear back. So fighting alone Ocelot eliminated all his immediate threat and then laid eyes once again upon his enemy of old, Solid Snake. But this time something strange happened. Ocelot lost control of his own thoughts as Liquid Snake took over his mind. Sometime between the end of the Shadow Moses incident and the Tanker incident of 2007, Revolver Ocelot had the dead Liquid Snake's right arm grafted onto his stump. Unfortunately this bore negative consequences for Ocelot since Liquid lived on in his arm and was able to control Ocelot's thoughts, words and actions at any given time. Upon seeing Solid Snake again, Liquid bubbled up inside Ocelot and goaded his brother once again before leaping into the cockpit of Metal Gear and making a break for it.

Two years passed after this and in spring 2009 a young VR trained soldier called Raiden was sent into an off-shore clean-up facility in New York called the Big Shell in order to rescue the  US President who was being held hostage by a group of terrorists, being led apparently by Solid Snake. The truth was that Solid Snake had nothing to do with the incident but another clone of Big Boss, Solidus Snake, was behind it all. Ignorant of all this, Raiden infiltrated and made allies with a soldier called Iroquois Pliskin, who was actually Solid Snake in disguise. Pliskin and Raiden worked together to eliminate the terrorist group, Dead Cell, and get hostages to safety. Finally the masses of Metal Gear RAYs which had been created in the past two years needed stopping. Solid Snake and Revolver Ocelot did not have any real contact during the Big Shell incident, except towards the end when Snake's presence again set off the Liquid half of Ocelot's mind and he made yet another break for it with Metal Gear RAY.

By 2014 both Snake and Ocelot were showing signs of aging. Ocelot had by now adopted the codename "Liquid Ocelot" and was basically Liquid Snake trapped in Revolver Ocelot's body. Solid Snake, now renamed "Old Snake" ran into him again and the two, now much older, did battle once again. Will Ocelot ever see an end to the Snake family?

Solid Snake's aliases:

  • David - Snake reveals this to be his real name at the end of MGS1, despite Liquid denying that either of them have real names
  • "The Legend" - Snake is often referred to as this in Ghost Babel
  • Iroquois Pliskin - a pseudonym used by Solid Snake to conceal his identity during the Big Shell incident
  • Old Snake - What Snake calls himself in MGS4, now aware that he really is getting on a bit!

Revolver Ocelot and Solidus Snake

Solidus Snake is an odd character, and something of an afterthought in my opinion. Of all the games, he only appears in MGS2 but is quite a central character. Solidus was another clone son of Big Boss, but who supposedly came before both Solid and Liquid (hence the fact he's somewhat older than them) but was neither Solid nor Liquid, but a "well-balanced masterpiece". How such a judgement could be made before the twin sons were even thought of is a mystery to me, as is the question as to why Big Boss would have more clones made if he'd already achieved perfection with Solidus. It also suggests Big Boss, then Naked Snake, would have been involved in cloning before Operation Snake Eater, which similarly is hard to fathom.

But to get away from his bizarre upbringing and the reason for his existence, Solidus features in MGS2 because he raised Raiden and left a lot of scars on his past. This father-son relationship was supposed to mimic that of Solid Snake's and Big Boss'. He is the main antagonist in the plant chapter of the game and is the leader of the special forces unit, Dead Cell, comprising himself, Vamp, Fortune and Fatman. Solidus loses his left eye during the game after his Harrier is attacked, and he looks on this as a chance to make himself look more like his father by wearing an eyepatch. It's also important to note that Solidus is also the ex-President of the USA who went by the name of "George Sears". This again does not make too much sense, since in MGS1 Liquid makes no mention of the fact that the president he has so much contact with is in fact his brother (a fact he would surely know and comment upon, even if his slower brother, Solid Snake, who can't see any family connections with anybody, would not have worked it out). Yes, admittedly Konami didn't think of creating Solidus Snake until after MGS1 had been released, etc. but still, the plotline and characters in MGS2 seem a bit false and randomly juxtaposed. That's my rant over.

Ocelot, as with the other members of the Snake family, had a lot to do with Solidus too. From the phonecall at the very end of MGS1, we can assume that Ocelot had been in contact with Solidus throughout Snake's mission on Shadow Moses Island, but had been keeping it all to himself. By the time of the Big Shell incident in 2009, Ocelot had joined forces with Solidus, but was not completely loyal to him. Revolver Ocelot, and Liquid Snake who was dwelling inside him, had different ideas: use Solidus as a means to get hold of Metal Gear RAY and information on the Patriots then make a break for it, ready to take on the world again. Solidus therefore fell foul of Ocelot's crafty scheming and backstabbing nature and eventually died at the end of MGS2 after a duel with his "son" Raiden on top of the Federal Hall in Manhattan, New York.

Solidus Snake's aliases:

  • George Sears - This is what Solidus was known as during his time as American President
  • King - Ocelot refers to Solidus with this name